Community Amidst Chaos

Recently, I had the honor of guest speaking on my new friend Shelby’s IG series, Fearlessly Authentic, and the reason I say new friend is because we just met. Like last week-and not even in person. Nope, we met on Instagram when Shelby randomly messaged me and asked if I would be interested in being a guest speaker on her instagram live series that she had decided to start due to the ever increasing chaos that we call COVID-19. She said that everyone needed hope, a few tips for how to get through this, and also to know that no one is alone in this; she had reached out to others whom she found also shared the vision of living fearlessly authentic, and recruited their help. Of course I said yes!!

We chatted about how we each defined living fearlessly authentic, how we think people can discover their own passions for authenticity during these uncertain times, and the values we hope that everyone brings out with them on the other side of it all. I hope you take a listen below and that you find some encouragement, a sense of community, and the inspiration to seek out your own fearlessly authentic self! (& some FA friends like mine, pictured above! ❤ )

Love ya, and I’d love to hear your thoughts, so please leave a comment, message me on Instagram (@jessipallen), or shoot me an email over on the “Say Hi” page 🙂

Live fearlessly authentic -J

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