Deep Waters

I feel everything. A bundle of nerves sensitive to the touch, the exposed vulnearablity feeling raw in the open air. I don’t even know what to call the emotions I feel aside from frustration and desire and false hopes and shame. I just know that I feel too much yet not enough but what I feel is wrong and I would be strong and move on, but I can’t. Keep on reading!

I Have the Power to Shape a Kid’s Life. That Scares Me.

I’m a runner. Not in the five mile/endurance/cardio thing, gosh no. I run from things. I run when I get scared, when I think I’m going to fail, or even in the times where I need to step up and be an adult. I run.

I wasn’t always like that, or so I like to think so. People say that living with someone and/or being in a relationship makes you really get to know yourself and grow as a person. For me it was the opposite. Keep on reading!

Authenticity Breeds Accountability

Authenticity breeds accountability. When you confess and open up to the godly people in your life, and even to Jesus, you’ve now invited people to come fight with you. People who are going to stand by your side and march with you all the way from the battlefield to the victory party afterwards. Encouragement, vulnerability, tough love, and just plain honest truth enters your life when you have the courage to be authentic.