Solitary Series: Finding Satisfaction in Aloneness (Part 2 & 3: Safety and Satisfaction)

Hola family,

When I started the Solitary Series back in late June/early July, I bet you didn’t think you’d have to wait six months before getting to read parts two and three (well neither did I!). I planned on waiting until I returned from my trip to Spain to write part two on safety so that I could include practical tips and strategies that worked for me on my trip, since it was my first solo international trip. While I had a great time and was excited to share my experience with all of you, life got the better of me and I fell behind on writing. So today, I am faced with a list of stories and pictures to share with you all of the past six months, but first I want to finish what I started back in July so that you too can start embracing time alone without worrying about the pressures of social stigmas, safety as a woman traveling alone, and to simply be able to find satisfaction in time with yourself!

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